CD/MP3 • 2011
Fast Speaking Music

Track listing:

1. “Lament: & now the words”
Text: Anne Waldman; Vocals: Tracie Morris & Anne Waldman, 2011

2. “Beautiful Boys” from An Arriving Guard of Angels, Thusly Coming to Greet (Live)
Vocals: Akilah Oliver; Additional Vocals & Effects: Latasha Diggs; Music: Tyler Burba, 2003

3.  “My Ongoing Query” from The Putterer’s Notebook
Music: Ambrose Bye, Matching Half,  2008

4. “The Standstill World”
Akilah Oliver, 2008/2011

5. “In Aporia”
Akilah Oliver, Music: Ambrose Bye, 2008/2011

6. “Strangeness of Living” from The Putterer’s Notebook
Music: Ambrose Bye; Guitar: Zia Alam, Matching Half,  2008

Produced by Ambrose Bye with Anne Waldman & Tracie Morris.
Fast Speaking Music & Belladonna* for Cave Canem.
Photo by Theresa Hurst.
Design HR Hegnauer.