Homage to Allen G

homage-to-allen-gWith George Schneeman
1997 • 11 pages • 14″ x 12″ • Dieu Donné
$850.00 • Edition size: 45
Granary Books

“It’s a thought-provoking work in taking the incomplete project from the already completed photographs, and using the bare bones of the images as a basis for liquid and simple line drawings which distill down to the essence of a photograph—more often than not the person photographed… The book ends up being ‘ghostly’ in the truest sense of the word: the two artists inspired by the incomplete project (incompleteness being one of them most inspiring and proto-creative states) consisting of photographic bones and transforming these bones into subjective ‘words’ which themselves become drawings—responsive to the traced and transmuted images of the photographs, what the words ‘say’ becomes ethereal.”
—Marcella Durand, Poetry Project Newsletter

This project is based on traced sketches of Allen Ginsberg’s photographs made by George Schneeman for a collaboration he planned with Mr. Ginsberg. After Mr. Ginsberg’s death, Mr. Schneeman and Anne Waldman converted the tracings into this homage. The words were generated by Ms. Waldman and handwritten by Mr. Schneeman. The portfolio consists of ten collaborative works plus the colophon, housed either in a cloth-covered folder (for those printed on BFK) or a cloth-covered clamshell box (for those on Dieu Donné).

Printed by Philip Gallo, letterpress from magnesium engravings.
Boxes by Barbara Mauriello and Judith Ivry.
145 copies: 100 on Rives BFK (30 hors commerce, 70 for sale)
45 copies: Dieu Donné handmade paper (15 hors commerce, 30 for sale)
Signed by Schneeman and Waldman.