By the Side of the Road

bythesideoftheroadAnne Waldman (texts & voice)
Ishtar Kramer (harmonium & voice)
CD • 2003
Fast Speaking Music

Anne Waldman
What Nascent Irony? (5:01): MP3
Garden of Love (1:19) MP3; poem by William Blake; tune by Allen Ginsberg
Members of All My Tribe (3:50): MP3
Rogue State (2:23): MP3
Heaven Was Pitiless (3:10): MP3; text: old Chinese/Tartar song; musical accompaniment: ‘Nilleshna’ theme by Lisa Gerard

Ishtar Kramer
Kalino Kalinche (2:52): MP3; traditional Macedonian song, as taught by Mary Sherhart
Tamo Ledolu (3:53): MP3; traditional Macedonian song

Recorded at The Naropa Studio
All Anne Waldman songs/poems © 2002 by Fast Speaking Music.
Recording and mixing by Tyler Burba.
Produced by Janus Issacantos-Maciuk & Fast Speaking Music