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Harper’s Magazine Oral History
“Perhaps we are finally facing our karma of genocide and slavery and oppression of women.”
July 25, 2018

Anne Waldman: “feminismo es una etiqueta superficial para englobar la riqueza de un movimiento más grande”
Playground magazine article by Juan F. Rivero
June 3, 2018

Anne Waldman, poeta “El espíritu imaginativo de la Generación Beat está completamente vigente”
Ajoblanco magazine interview by Carolina Espinoza and Madeline Pawlak
June 2018

Mesmerising poets, harrowing stories, and heated debate – Jaipur festival sends sparks flying
by Annette Gartland for Changing Times
January 28, 2017

Anne Waldman: Keeping The World Safe For Poetry
Napalm Health Spa; Report 2015: Special Edition
Museum of American Poetics Publications

Michigan Quarterly Review: Rays of Distant Bly Light from a Rare Stellar Convergence
by Mark Gustafson
Volume 54, Issue 2, Spring 2015

I Care if You Listen Review: Meredith Monk and Anne Waldman Conjure Old New York at Danspace
by Christian Kriegeskotte

The Dance Enthusiast Review: Impressions of Meredith Monk & Anne Waldman
by Melanie Greene
January 11, 2016

New York Times Review: Meredith Monk and Anne Waldman, in Playful Collaboration
by Alastair Macaulay
December 20, 2015

Anne Waldman Introduction by Emily Skillings
November 6, 2013 at the Poetry Project, New York, NY

Robin Edwards for the Westword magazine interviews Anne Waldman on Gossamurmur
August 5, 2013

Anne Waldman interviews Pat Steir for Bomb Magazine
Spring 2013

A. Bradstreet Micro-Interview with Anne Waldman
April 13, 2013

The Writer’s Chronicle interview with Renée Olander
March/April 2013

Laura Wetherington interviews Anne Waldman and Ambrose Bye: Collaboration Article
January 2012