The Milk of Universal Kindness

milk_of_universalPoetry by Anne Waldman, music by Ambrose Bye
$8.99 • CD/MP3 • 2011
Fast Speaking Music
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Track listing:

1. Avalokiteshvara, Reed Bye
2. (Slowly) Letting the Air Out, Anne Waldman
3. Fossil Fuel, Anne Waldman
4. Deserted Now (Aquarium), Anne Waldman
5. Hombres, Reed Bye
6. G Spot, Anne Waldman
7. Radial Symmetry of Th Younger Sister, Anne Waldman
8. Red Noir, Anne Waldman
9. Dark O’ Night, Anne Waldman
10. Secrets of the Ambulatories, Anne Waldman
11. Remember Qana, Anne Waldman

Produced by Ambrose Bye/Fast Speaking Music
Album Cover by Alexis Myre and Ambrose Bye