Matching Half

Anne Waldman, Akilah Oliver, Ambrose Bye
CD/MP3 • 2008
Fast Speaking Music
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Track listing:

1. Anne Waldman/Ambrose Bye – Doubt 03:18
2. Anne Waldman/Ambrose Bye – To Show My Face 03:39
3. Anne Waldman/Ambrose Bye – Flame 05:08
4. Akilah Oliver/Ambrose Bye – My Ongoing Query 04:47
5. Anne Waldman/Ambrose Bye – Manatee 05:49
6. Anne Waldman/Ambrose Bye – Corset 03:24
7. Anne Waldman/Ambrose Bye – Ceremonies in the Gong World 02:58
8. Anne Waldman/Ambrose Bye – Ajanta 06:03
9. Anne Waldman/Ambrose Bye – Ready to March (Onward) 02:54
10. Akilah Oliver/Ambrose Bye – Strangeness in Living 07:45

“Sexiest Poem of the Year Award 2008” If you haven’t heard the CD MATCHING HALF by Waldman and Oliver (with Ambrose Bye’s music), then you haven’t heard anything like this, I guarantee you! The political as FIERCE poem as FIERCEST song of 2008!

Matching Half
 covers a wide range of themes—from corset-makers in St. Petersburg (in a song that illuminates a historical connection between Emma Goldman and J. Edgar Hoover), to Buddhist binaries (in “Flame” where Bye loops haunting piano-scapes over quiet bass and percussion), to manatees (in a cri de coeur for the non-human world), to splatters of violence that mark the world map and “shapes of the mind on fire.”
—Forrest Gander

Produced by Ambrose Bye/Fast Speaking Music