Comes Through in the Call Hold

frontClark Coolidge, Thurston Moore, Anne Waldman
CD/MP3 • 2013
Fast Speaking Music
CD Baby

Track listing:

1. Clear the Room (0:44) — Moore (vocal) + Coolidge (drums)
2. Comes Through in the Call Hold (12:52) — Coolidge (vocal) + Moore (guitar)
3. She’s Crazy and So Am I (0:54) — Moore (vocal) + Coolidge (drums)
4. Om Krim Kalyai Namah (6:19) — Waldman (vocal) + Moore (guitar) + Coolidge (drums)
5. FREE JAZZ COSTS NOTHING (6:00) — Moore (vocal) + Coolidge (drums)
6. History Will Decide (11:22) — Waldman (vocal) + Moore (guitar) + Coolidge (drums) + Davies (piano)
7. Turn Left at the Dog (28:50) — Moore (guitar) + Coolidge (drums)

Recorded in the Harry Smith cottage at Naropa during the Summer Writing Program on June 30, 2012.
Recording + Mixing: Ambrose Bye + Max Davies.
Production: Ambrose Bye / Fast Speaking Music 2013.
Artwork: George Schneeman.
Design: HR Hegnauer + Ambrose Bye.
Photographs: Ambrose Bye, Bill Considine, Alystyre Julian, Lenny Lesser.

Thank you for the generous support from Susan + Clark Coolidge, Katie Schneeman, Committee on Poetry, Ecstatic Peace, Peter Hale, Allen Ginsberg, Ed Bowes, CLM, Toni Oswald, Harry Smith, Coffee House Press, The Jack Kerouac School at Naropa University.