Talking Poetics from Naropa Institute

Annals of the Jack Kerouac Schooltalking-poetics1

Edited by Anne Waldman and Marilyn Webb

1978 • 428 pages • ISBN: 978-0394735696 • $15
Shambhala Publications

A two volume anthology of essays based on lectures about writing and creative work given at Naropa’s Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics during the 1970s.

Volume One:
Allen Ginsberg — Introduction
Robert Duncan — Warp and Woof: Notes from a Talk
Diane Di Prima — Light / and Keats
Ted Berrigan — The Business of Writing Poetry
William S. Burroughs — It Belongs to the Cucumbers: On the Subject of Raudive’s Tape Voices
Edward Dorn — Strumming Language
Michael McClure — Cinnamon Turquoise Leather: (A Personal Universe Deck)
Ron Padgett — Stoically Bedazzled
Clark Coolidge — Arrangement
Jackson MacLow — The Poetics of Chance & the Politics of Simultaneous Spontaneity, or the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Revised & Abridged)
John Cage — Empty Words with Relevant Material

talking-poeticsVolume Two:
Michael Brownstein — Imagination for Adults
Philip Whalen — Sudden Histories, Natural Jumps
Jerome Rothenburg — Changing the Present, Changing the Past: A New Poetics
Anne Waldman — My Life, a List
Miguel Algarin — Volume and Value of the Breath in Poetry
Lewis MacAdams — Poetry and Politics
Ed Sanders — Investigative Poetry: The Content of History Will Be Poetry
Allen Ginsberg — Visions of Ordinary Mind: (1948-1955): Discourse with Questions & Answers