Jaguar Harmonics

jaguar-harmonics-book-coverPerson Woven of Tesserae
2014 • 56 pages • ISBN: 978-0942996-81-4 • $18 • Poetry
The Post-Apollo Press
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Taran Free Jazz Hour (July 28, 2014) with Anne Waldman, Devin Waldman, Ha Yang Kim, Daniel Carter, and Ambrose bye

In Anne Waldman’s JAGUAR HARMONICS, the voice of the Ayahuasca vine, a ‘person woven of sound’ speaks to the poet and us: ‘now you are quick, soon you will be dead’; ‘you can’t just go around killing and conquering persons’. And the poet asks herself, can we hear the ‘mammal stealth’ of these warnings? ‘The suffering on this land, what done to the indigenes?’ ‘Men miss out in the mission in the fission if not listening.’ Her listening creates a tesserae of sounds and languages for ‘poetry (to) blink you awake.’ A masterful web that compels us to ‘put away the scriptures of doom’ and ‘breathe in this world this time of cosmic night.’
—Cecilia Vicuña