Annikki International Poetry Festival in Tampere, Finland

Annikki Poetry FestivalAnnikki International Poetry Festival 2013, reaching its 10th anniversary, has grown to be one of the most significant poetry events in Finland. With the focus staying on poetry, the event has also reached towards music and arts. Annikki Poetry Festival has wanted to create fresh views on lyrics and to put together surprising combinations of performers as well as redefine the boundaries of poetry events.

The theme for the 2013 Annikki Poetry Festival is “The Earth”. The theme aims to explore and celebrate the diversity of the world and poetry. The festival brings in more international performers than ever. Jenni Haukio, the First Lady of Finland, is the patron of this year’s Annikki Poetry Festival.

The 2013 program includes Anne Waldman (USA), Kido Shuri (JP), Habiba (NL), Niillas Holmberg (Lapland), Kaj Chydenius & Taru Nyman, Eira Stenberg, Archie Ahola, Anni Sinnemäki,Martin Enckell, Veera Antsalo, Kai Nieminen &Kai Nieminen and Hannibal & Black Motor.

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