Naropa Summer Writing Program, Week 1, June 2 – 7, Boulder, CO

Documentary Poetics Interface Between Writing & Research

Documentary Poetics is not owned or claimed by any particular poetry “school.” It looks to the past and the future, not being a product of conceptual poet-modern consciousness. One might do research on the latest computer or find gems in dusty libraries and used bookstores; there are annals in the strange offices and sub-basements and attics of the mind. Investigation, scholarship, sousveillance, dream, nightmare, endangered species/cultures/languages that need reclamation. Family histories, lineage trees, the possibilities are exciting and myriad. What needs our attention and a writer’s hand as we hunker down with our various and sundry projects?

Week 1 guests include:
Charles Alexander & Cynthia Miller
Dodie Bellamy
Lee Ann Brown
Rebecca Brown
Julie Carr
Kevin Killian & Norma Cole
Thomas Sayers Ellis
Kyoo Lee
Dawn Lundy Martin
Farid Matuk & Susan Briante
Ariana Reines

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