Naropa Summer Writing Program, Week 4, June 23 – 28, Boulder, CO

When the Walls of the City Shake: Changing the Frequency through Collaboration, Music and Oral Sound….

This week, we honor the Kerouac School’s commitment to cross-arts fertilization and community. How do we – as artists- awaken the world to itself? By raising the decibels, composing a lullaby, or choralizing our language with multi-tracks? How may our vocalizations suggest a new timbre for the imagination? We examine the power of our texts and our solo “vox” -the sounds made by the human mouth – which can also be augmented by others in collaboration, and by the music and the magic of the recording studio. We might compose libretti for the future. We sing and dance back our negativity in the Anthropocene.

Week 4 guests include:
Caroline Bergvall
Edmund Berrigan
Mary Burger
Ambrose Bye & Max Davies
Douglas Dunn
Erica Hunt & Marty Ehrlich
Thurston Moore
Brad O’Sullivan
Steven Taylor
Edwin Torres
Anne Waldman

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