Going Vocal workshop with Anne Waldman & Ambrose Bye, Casablanca

Going Vocal workshop with Anne Waldman & Ambrose Bye

The aim  in the workshop is to experiment with ways our writing guides us to orality – to performative ideas in recorded composition. How do we want to hear ourselves and our writing? We will start with vocalization of selected texts of others in an ensemble experiment, and then create our own pieces  (bi or multi-lingual a possibility) through a series of “experiments of attention” (dream, cut-up, travel, memory). We will invite collaboration with one another as writers, as voices,  and as musicians. We will consider writing as score or libretto, work with spechstimme, and create a 4th dimension wall of sound.  Ambrose Bye will be available to accompany us musically as well as record and edit/shape the work. And in-house performance at the last session.

Espace Darja
113 Avenue Mers Sultan, 6ème étage, Casablanca

April 30 & May 1, 2014

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