Naropa Summer Writing Program, Boulder, CO

Naropa Summer Writing Program, Boulder, CO

WEEK 3: July 15 – July 21, 2013

History, Kulchur Connections and Beyond

This week we are reaching out to poets and writers whose work has been strategic in addressing other kulchurs through translation, educational projects, investigative poetics, and cross-cultural collaboration of all kinds with forays into Morocco, the UK, India, and pockets of our own continent. We are asking our guests to bring us the news from other zones of creative and generative activity.  How are we suited to create our own schools and cultural programs, and raise support for artist-run enterprises that might be sustainable into the future?  How can we be progressive entrepreneurs of a new cross-cultural dynamism?  How can we better understand and enlarge our awareness through forums, archives, libraries, international online magazines, study centers, and residencies that promote exchange through study and scholarship of languages and cultures? The projects to consider might reach back centuries, or exist in the interstices of a new hybrid diaspora.

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